Virtual TeleMedicine Consultations

Many people do not have access to a naturopathic doctor or an integrative practitioner so these FaceTime consultations are way for help people receive holistic wellness care from anywhere in the world. 

Virtual TeleMedicine Consults Offers…

Convenience – Access your doctor virtually in these 45 minute appointments! Rather than taking a half or whole day off of work to fight traffic, deal with parking, sit in the waiting room for 20-60 minutes to see your doctor for maybe 5-10 minutes…you can SEE your doctor from the convenience of your home or office on your computer or phone during your lunch break!

Consistency – Rather than seeing your doctor once or twice a year; in OUR program, you get TWO 45-minute virtual telemedicine consultations a MONTH so you ACTUALLY SEE results! You will succeed with the plan we give you because you will have continual support, motivation, education, inspiration, and accountability!


For TeleMedicine consults, you will receive an email from CHARM EHR with instructions on how to log on to your patient portal to access your secure, unique, HIPPA compliant Video Link. Please log on a few minutes before your scheduled appointment and contact us if you have any technical difficults.


During your initial consultation, you will spend about 60 minutes one-on-one with Dr. Alice either at one of her office locations or a Virtual Telemedicine Consult. 

Dr. Alice will go over your intake paperwork, discuss your health goals, take your health history, find out about your diet, stress levels, use of tobacco and alcohol, and other lifestyle factors. She will also go over the medications and supplements that you take.  She will order any necessary labs and either send you to a lab to get your bloodwork or have the test kit shipped to your home (if it’s not bloodwork).

Dr. Alice takes the time to get to know you in order to gather information, find the root cause(s) of your conditions, and teach you how to manage your condition and improve your health. This is a safe, nonjudgmental space and your willingness to be fully open and honest during your visit is very important. The more honest you can be, the better Dr. Alice can help you.

Dr. Alice will work with you to set up a customized health management strategy with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan. 

Other components she may incorporate include during your “Flex Appointments” include: 

Specialty Lab Testing

Dr. Alice may order certain labs for you based on what you discuss in your initial virtual consultation. She will have the kit shipped right to your home.  Once the results come in, she will go over it with you during your follow-up consult and discuss the next steps to optimizing your health. Learn more about the lab tests here.

Stress Management

Dr. Alice offers a wide array of tools to help you cope with the stresses in your life. Stress is a major component of nearly everyone’s life, but it is often disregarded or not handled as well as it could be. Numerous studies have shown that prolonged stress can have a negative impact on person’s physical health and mental and emotional wellbeing. Signs can include, but are not limited to: fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain, decreased immune function, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Perhaps we cannot always change the stressors that come up in our lives, but we CAN change the way we respond to stress. There IS a different way you can live, let her show you how.


Biofeedback is the process of becoming aware of our physiological (aka biological) responses and learning how to regulate these processes (such as breathing and heartrate) through the use of machines or people who offer feedback about those responses. Once we learn to regulate these, we can generalize it to our whole life to where it can impact our mood and autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system involves your sympathetic (fight or flight; stress response) and parasympathetic nervous systems (rest and digest; relaxation). Balancing our autonomic nervous system will allow us to better cope with the many stressors of daily living and ultimately improve our health and immune function. There are many various modalities within biofeedback, but I primarily focus on breathwork and meditation to help with emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. 


Hypnotherapy is somewhat of a blend between counseling and meditation; I will put you into a relaxed (or trance) state and converse with you over your areas of concern, as well as guiding you in visualizations. This approach is called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It involves accessing the subconscious mind to help your healing process. Useful for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, confidence and motivation, relationship issues, performance, anxiety, inner conflict, personal growth and change. There are many other uses also.

In a hypnotherapy session, you will be in control the whole time. You will be aware of what is said and done during the session and continue to remember it afterwards. Anyone is able to be put in a trance state. The level or depth of the trance varies from person to person, but usually it becomes easier to go deeper into trance after the first few sessions. 

It is safe and powerful tool in working towards mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wellness Counseling and Coaching

Dr. Alice understands that one of the main reasons people have a hard time sticking with a plan is a lack structure, accountability, motivation, and confidence. Getting regular coaching is a way to stay on track with your health goals and create a life you love. A life where you feel happy, empowered, and fulfilled.


Dr. Alice will provide you with a customized supplement regimen to maximize your wellbeing.  All supplements can be ordered through her online dispensary. The online dispensary is a safe and convenient way for patients to purchase supplements and other natural health products. Ordering is simple, and the products will be shipped directly to your home or work within a few days.  Free shipping on all orders over $50. 

You can also access your personalized prescriptions and dosage instructions given by Dr. Alice for the products that have been recommended for you. But anyone is welcome to shop across the entire product catalog*.

*Please acknowledge that you should consult a doctor before taking certain supplements or products. Shop at your own discretion. We are not liable for any reactions to supplements purchased without a doctor’s recommendation. A patient should schedule a naturopathic medical consult if he or she wants appropriate guidance on supplemental support.