Hypnotherapy is somewhat of a blend between counseling and meditation; I will put you into a relaxed (or trance) state and converse with you over your areas of concern, as well as guiding you in visualizations.   This approach is called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It involves accessing the subconscious mind to help your healing process.  Useful for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, confidence and motivation, relationship issues, performance, anxiety, inner conflict, personal growth and change. There are many other uses also.

In a hypnotherapy session, you will be in control the whole time.  You will be aware of what is said and done during the session and continue to remember it afterwards.  Anyone is able to be put in a trance state.  The level or depth of the trance varies from person to person, but usually it becomes easier to go deeper into trance after the first few sessions.

It is safe and powerful tool in working towards mental and emotional wellbeing.

The number of sessions needed varies person to person and depends on what their goals are.  If a goal is to develop a healthier habit (examples: eating healthier, quit smoking) then typically weekly sessions are recommended for about a month to build and sustain that healthy habit.  Thereafter the patient can come in on an as-needed basis (perhaps once a month until they feel strong enough to continue on in this way on their own).   If a patient has trouble relaxing enough to get the most out of their hypnotherapy session, biofeedback training is recommended.