Biofeedback is the process of becoming aware of our physiological (aka biological) responses and learning how to regulate these processes (such as breathing and heartrate) through the use of machines or people who offer feedback about those responses. Once we learn to regulate these, we can generalize it to our whole life to where it can impact our mood and autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system involves your sympathetic (fight or flight; stress response) and parasympathetic nervous systems (rest and digest; relaxation).  Balancing our autonomic nervous system will allow us to better cope with the many stressors of daily living and ultimately improve our health and immune function.  There are many various modalities within biofeedback, but I primarily focus on breathwork and meditation to help with emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

It is recommended to do weekly biofeedback sessions for a minimum of 4-6 weeks for optimal results.  This is somewhat of a relaxation training program that will help you respond to stressors in a healthier manner. 

It does involve 10-20 minutes of daily practices and exercises, therefore requires a committed individual. 

Biofeedback is highly recommended for clients who have difficulty relaxing or reaching the “trance” state in hypnotherapy.

Some condition biofeedback can effectively treat include:

• Relaxation and Stress/Pain Management

• Anxiety and Panic Attacks/Disorders

• Hypertension / Cardiovascular disorders

• Asthma

• Hyperventilation syndrome • Lung function – increase stamina in COPD

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I started seeing Alice in the spring of this year. She was recommended by my naturopathic physician. I was experiencing anxiety about many things. My nerves were off the charts reacting to every little stress. My blood pressure was high and I had a fear of taking my blood pressure. I was also experiencing digestive distress. Alice taught me breathing techniques with biofeedback. Through this practice I was able to not only get my nerves under control, but I haven’t felt this good in ten years. It improved my mood and I am able to handle the stress with the breathing. It is incredible. My blood pressure has returned to normal and through the breathing lessons I have been able to monitor my own blood pressure without fear. My digestion is back to normal as well. I have also used the breathing to improve my running, and am currently getting better mile times than I have in 4 years. Alice is a healer!!! Thank You

Sue Y.