Meet Dr. Alice Fong, Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Dr. Alice Fong, the Virtual Stress Doc! I am a naturopathic doctor and I help busy overwhelmed professionals handle stress and anxiety effectively so they can improve their performance, productivity and health using a 5-step holistic approach called the AMOUR system! Some signs of prolonged stress and chronic anxiety include depression, pain, overeating/poor dietary choices, decreased immune function, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Perhaps you cannot always change the stressors that come up in your life, but you CAN change the way you respond to stress. I will show you how to better handle your stress using a wide variety of tools.

The current medical model in healthcare is a retroactive, passive approach focused on the disease and drugs to mask the symptoms. My naturopathic approach is a proactive, health-oriented one. Rather than focusing solely on the disease, I focus on optimizing your health. My model is not about ‘fixing’ it, it’s about why you got the disease in the first place. It is not about managing the condition, but identifying the factors in your life that made you susceptible to acquiring the condition. You will need to be actively engaged in your own health and wellbeing. One of the most important foundations of health is NUTRITION.

I believe that the mind-body connection is an essential component of health. Mental and emotional wellbeing can contribute to one’s physical health, and vice versa. My goal is to help you be the best that you can be at whatever stage of healing you are at. In addition, I want to help you accept that this is a process which comes with challenges and frustrations that may get in way of being able to love yourself. In facing those challenges however, can we grow, develop, and heal ourselves. 

My Story

Dr. Alice’s Journey to Becoming a Doctor

I wanted to do naturopathic medicine before I even knew that naturopathic medicine existed. When I was teenager, I had a strong interest in plants and I cultivated my own garden of herbs and vegetables in my parents backyard. In the summer of 2002, I attended an herb festival in my hometown and met my first naturopathic doctor. I was overly excited to hear about what he did, and when I went home that day, I eagerly researched everything I could on naturopathic medicine and found out about Bastyr University, one of the leading naturopathic medical schools in research. From that moment on, at the tender age of 17, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I was incredibly fortunate to have figured out my path as a healer early on because it helped me pave the path to becoming a doctor. I knew I wanted to study naturopathic medicine even before I knew what my major would be in college. Luckily, I choose a major that complemented my goals – psychology. I believe that health of the mind and being able to understand people is a critical component of healthcare. The mind-body-spirit connection is a part of holistic medicine. At Bastyr, I was able to further expand my knowledge on this process with counseling and biofeedback training. I also studied hypnotherapy with MaryLee Labay, which complemented my counseling interests. In addition, I attended a few meditation retreats for my own self-growth and healing process, as well as being able to incorporate it into my medical practice.

After attaining my undergraduate degree in psychology and completing my pre-med requirements at the University of Puget Sound, I went on to receive my massage license and found the value of physical medicine. In 2008, I started my naturopathic medical program which involved hundreds of hours in the classroom, studying, working on assignments and papers, clinical training, and working with patients. This journey has been almost 10 years in the making and it did involve a significant amount of blood, sweat and tears (the blood mostly being from my second year of med school, when we learned how to do blood draws and run tests on each other…for an entire year). Looking back now, at the hardships and challenges I’ve had to endure over the years to get where I am, I would not change a thing. I love what I do and where I am in my life. I am excited to help people get better and help support them on their healing journeys.

After graduating from my naturopathic medical program, I went on to practice in Seattle for 3 years, and then in Southern Maryland for another 3 years. I decided to move back to California to be closer to my family, but this time I decided to have a larger global impact by taking my practice completely virtual.  There are so many people who do not have acesss to a naturopathic doctor, and my goal is to help as many people as I can live happier and healthier!


Meet Dr. Ana Ruediger

Hi, I’m Dr. Ana Ruediger, and I love to empower people in feeling their absolute best in both body and mind! I’m a Naturopathic Doctor based in Santa Monica, CA. I specialize in stress and anxiety treatments, using an integrative approach that emphasizes clinical nutrition and mind-body medicine. I have additional specialized experience addressing addiction and issues of equity and social justice.

I earned my doctorate in naturopathic medicine (ND) and master’s in counseling psychology (MACP) degrees at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA, and completed my medical residency in Connecticut, where I developed a primary care practice with special focus on mental health and neurologic conditions. More recently, I served in a dual-role as Director of Clinical Research and Associate Doctor at Vejo, Inc., a Santa Monica-based integrative clinic and health technology startup focused on providing individualized, nutrition-driven interventions.

Central to my treatment philosophy is an emphasis on individualized, whole-person medicine, addressing physiologic and mental-emotional determinants of health to get to the root causes of what’s going on. I have found that with support and education, we can come to feel empowered to take an active role in taking care of ourselves, and this is a central goal that I have for the people with whom I work.

I believe that all people can benefit from being heard and understood. I strive to give my clients my very best with an individualized, whole-person approach so they can achieve optimal well-being!


“How To Break Free From Stress & Anxiety WITHOUT Having to Quit Your Job so You Can Focus on What Matters to You NOW.”

  • The Impact of Chronic Prolonged Stress on Your Body
  • The Simple 5-Step Holistic Approach Called the AMOUR System to Effectively Address Your Stress and Anxiety
  • How to Optimize Your Body and Mind so You Can Be MORE Focused, Productive, Energized, and Living to Your Fullest Potential!